I'm Not Girly

3:05 AM

Ahaaaa! I'm wearing a floral dress! Something that happens once in a blue moon. I'm not all girly and feminine but I'm not new to wearing dresses. Sometimes occasion calls for a formal gathering, which requires a dress. I have very  few dresses in my closet! And this one isn't even mine. My sister made me borrow her old dress for a baptism I attended. But you know, I'd rather wear a skirt and blouse tandem. Tehee.
To add a bit of my edgy side, I paired it with a denim hoodie with brown sleeves that I found in a thrift shop! I got it for 200 pesos ($4) and I'm soooo happy! I found a similar style of this jacket in Forever 21. What a treasure!
What I Wore: Floral dress- sister's; Denim jacket- vintage; Brown bag- Dawn's; Sandals- SM Dept. Store
I call this my Jesus Christ sandals. Hehehe

Thanks for reading guys! Will post more soon!
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  1. you look lovely, and very girly ;) but really, i think you've toned down the girlishness with that awesome jacket and sandals. xox



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