23rd (and last) Entry for 2013

10:15 PM

2013 is finally ending. I'm not gonna say its the BEST year for us, especially for our country Philippines. We've experienced massive earthquakes and y'know, just the STRONGEST TYPHOON EVER. Also, a lot of actors that are dear to my heart has passed away. But we shall not keep on dwelling on the negative side! We will, as always, stand up stronger and taller. That is what I love about defeat, we humble ourselves and start anew. So here's my highlight and life lessons for this year. Its been a roller coaster ride, but I enjoyed every second of it.

Year 2013...
(1) I decided to quit attending university and enrolled myself to a fashion institute. After years of battling between a diploma and my dreams, I decided to chase my dreams. After all, I can always go back to college. I may not have started at a younger age, I know I will get there someday! I may not be certain of my future, I'm sure its better than now.

(2) Realized that I can not control everything. Even after having planned out my life, there will always be something that will block your dreams. Just take it slow, one step at a time. Trust that God has bigger and better plans for you.

(3) Japanese food ain't that bad after all. I basically tried out all the food that I would never have eaten if it were 3 to 4 years ago. Change isn't that bad at all.

(4) I lost a friend dear to me. No, that person didn't die. That person just drifted away, maybe (it) got flooded by gossips and bullshit but I've learned to not give a flying ef. If a person wants to be part of your life, they will find a way. Just so sad to know that when that person was a nobody, we were there. Maybe now we ain't cool enough for that person. Know that in the future, you will meet a lot of people that resembles that person. They will leave when you are no longer of use. And its for the better, so you can finally be free from friendships that are not genuine. Let go of bad friendship, it will ruin you in the long run.

(5) A lot of things will change. There are days when you feel like reminiscing and find yourself wishing "I wish it was the same as back in 2010" but its not gonna happen. No matter how many wishes and 11:11s you waste on turning back time, it cant. Learn to appreciate change. Learn to love the present. Live for the moment and make better memories.

(6) Laugh. Don't take things too seriously. Enjoy your youth and always be thankful.

(7) Lastly, opportunity only knocks at your door once. Grab it! I've learned this from someone close to me. Every single time I'm invited to a great opportunity, I always turn it down because I'm embarrassed. But not anymore. No matter how weird it is for me, I will try to say Yes a lot more often. Here's to opening more doors and experiences. There is no time for doubts.

(Edited my pictures by experimenting on Heat Map. Kinda weird but I wanted to try new shit)

I have learned such lessons this year. Hard ones, extremely beautifully conducted to somehow teach me the exact lessons I needed to put in my piggy bank of life's lessons. I've lost some people and gained incredible insight into what people truly think when you reach for your own dreams. It's been an amazing year. Thank you to each and every one of you that has supported me and stuck by my side. I'm not stopping- and 2014 is gonna be the year all of these blossoms. The universe has its ways of keeping those not good for you out and the ones that have inner greatness that reflects what you need in. I wouldn't trade my life for anything else. "They wanna see you do good, but never better than them. Remember that." -However, when you do meet those that selflessly want happiness for you, keep them.

You can look at challenges, hard times, and negativity as reasons to stop believing in yourself, your dreams, and the life you want to live.. Or you can look at roadblocks like stepping stones and strength you are gaining. You put up a brick wall in front of me and I bet I'll tear it down. Nothing is stopping me. Next year is going to be the best yet. All of the life lessons the universe has thrown at me, I am truly thankful for because it makes me want to work harder for the future. Believe in yourself... Always.

What I wore: Black top- Forever 21; Hat- Forever 21; Knee high socks- Forever 21; Booties- Steve Madden; Silver necklace- Creative Caprice; Blue tint glasses- IG online shop; Gold watch gifted from Singapore

Totally digging this school girl look! What do you think?! Tartans and gingham are totally back on track! Not like they actually left the fashion world at all. Heh

This old varsity jacket of my sister completed my whole look! What do you think?!
I JUST REALIZED: I ONLY POSTED 23 ENTRIES THIS YEAR 2013! Hahaha talk about lazy blogging! Last year 2012 I posted about 77 posts. Surely, one of my resolution should be "Blog at least 3 post per month!" Hehe. But I'm still thankful for you guys, for sticking around!

Thank you readers, thank you friends, thank you colleagues.
Most of all, thank you God.

Leave comments for me, silent readers?! I wanna greet you all a Happy New Year!!!
Have a prosperous 2014, y'all.

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