Buzzkill Bill

5:46 AM

I'm actually wearing my dad's decade old, reversible Dickies jacket. Yep, straight from the 90s. He has probably been to a couple of countries wearing this one over the years, and just last week i got the chance to sneak it out because it matched my outfit. And yes, these colors reminds me of a favorite Quentin Tarantino film- Kill Bill. Why do i always end up wearing men's over-sized clothes?  I'll never know, but I dont think I'm stopping anytime soon. Ciao!
What I wore: Dickies Jacket; Fake Friends garment and cap; Belt by me; Vans shoes
I made a silver loop belt accessory and its up for order! Let me know if you want one! ;)
Another one of those mismatched outfits that actually worked. Styling- i make a living out of that too lol
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(c) Ken Cuizon

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  2. spot on kill bill vibes!! hahaha xx


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