Borrowed from the boys

7:23 PM

Another fit that I borrowed from the boys. I find it funny when people get confused with my sexuality because of how i dress sometimes. I never really cared about what they think of me and my fashion, as long as I am comfortable. My style all depends on my mood anyway. I can go from a hood rapper to a business woman in a crisp blazer the next day. So long as my shoes are on point, I'm good. Lol
This was from last year- before i cut my hair short. Now I miss it T.T
Undefeated brand is one of my go-to streetwear brand and if you've been following me for awhile now, you would know that I am slowly collecting pieces here and there. It's underrated- for girls at least.
What i wore: Shirt, hoodie and cap- UNDEFEATED Japan; Shoes- Nike Sockdart Triple White; Pants from my brother's closet
I have to admit, I've only used this sneakers thrice since I got them. It's too white and perfect to abuse. I call them my ninja shoes. Its light as a sock, hence the name sockdart. 
I look like im about to rob a convenience store lol
My mood for this year's prom season. 
So many deadlines this month. Being a designer is not as glamorous as it may seem i swear. My shop is slowly filled with giddy highschool girls all excited for their gowns and prom night. I never really got the chance to experience prom in highschool so being a part of their preparation is something that gives me joy. Anyway, I'll keep it short and lazy as always. 
Thank you for dropping by! 

(c) Roselyn Sagrado

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