Bed of Roses

9:39 AM

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

Who else watched Be Our Guest last weekend?! Every cinema was sold out on its first week! Goes to show that we all have a little piece of our childhood inside us. It was an absolute magical moment for me. I hope you enjoyed the film as much as i did. I literally cried when i saw Belle in her yellow dress, although i personally think they could have gotten a better looking gown, everything else was perfect.~~
Of course I watched Beauty and the Beast on Cinema in a navy blue dress shirt embroidered with A LOT of roses. Belle loved roses, and Beast had that one special rose that would save his life. I like to think that flower was this big rose patch that I placed right behind my back hahaha. Since Belle's yellow costume/gown is not an option, this will suffice. ~
I cant deal with my new hair. Its tooooo short, the last time i cut it this short was 2013. I had no choice because it was becoming a distraction and a pain in the neck when i work. Having thick long hair would ALWAYS make me feel like I'm carrying a heavy luggage in my head. I had to get rid of it but I'll grow it back soon. 
What I wore: Top from the vintage shop; boots from the states; Black fringe bag from Hong Kong; SM dept store bandana and shades
Fact: I hurriedly attached this huge rose patch at the back just minutes before my friends picked me up for movie time! I think i work best if i procrastinate lol 
With the right lighting, angle and contouring- I look like i had a nose job! Hahahah i dont look like this in real life (THANK GOD ) lol
Welpppp, that's all for today! Thanks for dropping by.


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