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10:17 AM

Finally got the time to post our Champion photo set taken a couple months back by my good friend Junell Tanio. He just started taking portrait shots late 2016 and I can already tell he's gonna be a great photographer someday. Junell is currently living in the USA (hook him up!) but we managed to be productive during his short visit back in Cebu City. I linked him up with another local creative, Em Ybanez, and we teamed up for a day to make this happen. You can see his works here: @junelsantana 

Champion is a brand that has been around for the longest time and though its known for sportswear, its lifestyle brand is a total hit in the streetwear world right now ever since the rise of 'athleisure' aesthetic. I unknowingly owned a lot of Champion clothing over the years (blame it on my dad's balik bayan boxes from the US) and was quite surprised how I can finally rock my 10yrold Champion sports bra LOL. Anyway, I got this shirt from a lifestyle store in Hong Kong and my Champion pants from the thrift shop. There's a lot of treasures in the ukay, trust me.
I personally love his portrait shots of me! 
My first Airmax 95 GS. Gradeschool means cheaper pricing so yay! It's really hard to cop a pair that has rare colorway especially when my shoe size is small! Obviously, this was a legit great deal for me so I wont probably abuse this one. Will only wear it on special occasions and shoot haha.
What I wore: Champion shirt and trousers; SM accessories; Nike Airmax 95 shoes
All in the deets
Loop details everywhere 
That's it for today!!!Thanks for dropping by. xx

(c) Junell Tanio

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  1. OMG you look fabulous <3

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  2. Great shots by your frnd



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