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So last week my interview with Rebel From Birth, an online magazine for women streetwear news, was released here (clickable). Through that platform, they share stories of different girl bosses from all over the world. They also share news about the latest shoe drop, collab and other things that would interest women who are into streetwear. One of my favorite editorial is the yearly TOP 20 Female Sneakerhead of the Year. Do subscribe to them and give them a follow! 
From Fake Friend's collection last year, The Bad Company. All jackets are SOLD OUT.
What I wore: Fake Friends one of one white Chinese collar buttondown; Fake Friends long jacket; Yoga pants made by me; CDG Converse shoes; H&M Men socks
Its a known fact that the streetwear industry here in my country is dominated by men. Escpecially here in my small city. Even my readers and followers are mostly foreign because (most) of the local girls cant relate to my fashion and style. Some of the brands I wear cant be bought in the malls here. Its not something im upset about, in fact I'm glad I get to stick to what I love the most instead of trying to fit in the norm just to gain the readers. I'm happy with what I'm building here. There is no telling what's in store for me but I'm pretty sure I'll still wear/preach/do what my heart wants lol. 
My holy grail shoes- the only shoes i bought in Hong Kong. I've been saving up for this and the comfort it gives is quite satisfying. Worth every penny <3
This Chinese collar is a one-of-one shirt I made for Fake Friends. Its a prototype from last year that didn't make it to our collection. We are still trying to improve the pattern, cut and sizing on this so who knows, this might come out in the future ;)
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Have an awesome and solemn Holy Week! xxx

(c) Roselyn Sagrado

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