Familia in Aeternum, 2014

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April 30, 2014 ~ I graduated Fashion Design Technology from FIDA (Fashion Institute of Technology) and I've come a long way since then. Looking back- owning a shop, making clothes for a living and being a designer was just a childhood dream. I've been making clothes for my Barbie dolls straight out of my mom's curtains since i was a little girl. In second grade, I made cardboard paper dresses for Paper Dolls and sold them. In 4th grade, I provided costumes and props for group play presentations. In highschool, I started selling altered and customized vintage clothes to earn money. I strongly believe I've been a designer my whole life- but I have officially become a legit Fashion Designer when I graduated 3 years ago, on my 22nd birthday. (Decided to finally post this after 3 years because I keep on forgetting and laziness got the best of me, as usual)

This is a tribute to my passion. I have never worked hard on anything more in my life than this. I had a lot of sleepless nights and I've had a number of breakdowns before finishing my collection but I survived. To the people who made this possible, my very patient and talented mentors. I know I'm weak and lazy but that's only because I cannot learn from just listening. I have to make a lot of mistakes to learn. For the unending lectures and 'kasaba', thank you. It molded me to the person i am now. To my support system, my family. All the support and prayers guided me all throughout. To God, for answering my prayers. There's not a day that i dont feel your love. I am nothing without you, Lord. To my clients through the years, thank you for supporting my business, for being patient when I made mistakes as a beginner, for believing in me when I had doubts. I AM THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU. 
Here's my graduation collection write up. Take note, this was written when i was 22! Haha

To say our designs are my passion would be an understatement. It is our vice. Fashion is quintessential of our being. No exaggerations and hyperboles. I will never say these are mine alone as they exist with the help of infinite influence. I simply make them tangible. Eva Marie Aguspina, a 22 year old dauntless chic. Born and raised in city where dreams are made, Cebu. Aguspina was born with a carefree and ambition driven spirit, which is evident in her designs. Her many aspirations include to be inclined in the fashion arena. Eva is currently living her dream being a freelance stylist and a part-time designer. She usually spends her spare time blogging away style trends and reports
Familia in Aeternum, (Family is Forever) 2014

"We gladly feast on those who would subdue us." – the Addam’s family credo has touched parts of her like no other. Eva has always loved the eccentric and bizarre ways of this family mainly because they share the same delight in the macabre. This is her take on this beautifully odd family. Eva’s designs are not derived from their daily wardrobe but a mixture of their interests and features.


1) My favorite character, my version of Wednesday Addams! Channeling her famous collared dress, I made her collar and sleeves gigantic and as couture as possible!😂 Layered with black lace underneath and an A-line skirt. 

2) Girl version of Pugsley Addams. From his statement stripe shirt I made 5 vertical stripes and a babydoll top. 

3) Uncle Fester- this ball-like skirt signifies Uncle Fester's round bald head.

4) My version of Morticia Addams' famous bell-bottom sleeves. Built in choker and a rose bud skirt (Morticia loves cutting off roses ones they bloom) 

5) Gomez Addams~ an oversized collar jacket and an overall pinstripe suit.

5) Pubert Addams inspired dress that didn't really match the results i wanted but I still had to showcase it T.T oh well, there's always room for learning

6) My version of Cousin Itt. This character is basically just a walking hair! Instead of making long, straight cuts, i opted for short fluffy organza cut outs and layered it. Queen Bee Urgello closing my collection. 

"I guess im one of those lucky few who knew exactly what i wanted to be when i grow up. My childhood dream was to design/create clothes for people. There was never a time i had second thoughts of that vision. Now, decades later, im working my dream job but still struggling and learning. My mistakes are lessons. I'll keep learning every damn day and these trials i face will keep me stronger. I may rant, cry, scream, get moody but i wont give up. Here's to chasing dreams, one lace gown at a time." -Eva M.

To all the little girls with big dreams, dont be afraid to chase them.
With a lot of hardwork, patience and consistency- you will achieve them.
Just keep the faith and passion alive.

Oh, and I turned 25 yesterday. <3


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