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There’s no doubt about it: stripe shirts are here to stay. Ever since highschool, I always find myself hoarding striped shirts and sweaters (especially if its in black and white) and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one! Lol. Its one of those staple pieces you never throw out even when you purge your closet year by year. In one of my travels last year, I found the perfect investment for a striped tee. Read down below to find out about the brands I'm wearing.

Comme des Garçons is French for "like boys"- it's another Japanese brand that I truly look up to. There's no flagship store here in my country so when I traveled to HK I made sure to drop by their store and scored some items. It's a pretty pricey line but I really wanted a souvenir from this brand. I call it an investment.

Kappa, on the other hand, is not an Asian brand- although a lot of Asians (japanese, koreans etc) patronize the brand and made it as an everyday wear. Kappa is actually an Italian sportswear brand that now has a name in the streetwear culture. They have been in the game for 5 decades! :O
Style tip: Layering shirts is a surefire way to create a unique, quirky outfit. I tried mixing my separate red turtle neck top to this printed stripe shirt. It has become my habit to add a turtle neck whenever I feel like a simple tee is too basic for the look I wanted. You should know by now, I hate dressing like everyone else.
What I wore: Kappa track pants; Comme des Garçons shirt; Comme des Garçons x Converse sneakers; Accessories from Dubai; Bag custom made by me; Specs from my shop

 I accessorized my look with a minimal gold loop earrings and two chained necklace to add just a bit of feminine touch in my very boyish ensembles.
Thanks for dropping by!!!
I'm so happy I am finally clearing out all my pending posts. Woooh!
More to come. xoxo

-Eva M.

(c) Joel Aguspina

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  1. you look amazing as usual.
    love your bag

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  2. Good pictures, have a good day




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