Jordan 3 Fire Red + Gingham

2:13 AM

It’s been a long while since I last wore my Jordans. I try to make sure they get some air before they start to crumble. Mannn, crumbling sneakers break my heart, especially if they're my heat pairs. I still have a bunch of Jordans in my sneaker collection but I just never "rock" them anymore. I only wear them on special occasions, one that does not require a lot of dirt on my shoes.The possibility of scuffing a pair of sneakers runs through my head every time I lace up a pair of kicks for a night out. Crowded venues and clean sneakers don't ever mix. I got a dozen of beaters for that. 
Also something new: me wearing a mini skirt. I only ever wear mini skirts at the beach or at a pool party. But it kinda grew on me. Colors in general grew on me. What is wrong with me??!
In case you're wondering where i got my 2-piece gingham set, I made them. Of course, where else?
What I wore: FF beret; Forever 21 black turtle neck; 2 pc set made by me; Jordan 3 
Aint she a beauty?! :>
Thanks for dropping by. More of my Jordan shoes coming soon.
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(c) Andre Yap

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  1. Ahhh, wait- you actually made that two-piece set??! It's so cute and vintage looking, and I adore the entire outfit. :D + I feel you with the kicks haha~ your Jordans look well-cared for ;) followed and excited to read more posts!

    Simplee Nikkie

  2. Such a beautiful post, super gorgeous I love it!

    Can we follow eachother? Let me know on my blog and I will follow back immediately xo
    BLOG: GorisHelena

  3. You look great :) Love your post :*
    Follow for follow? :) Let me know :*
    Have a nice day!



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