The Drug In Me Is You

12:02 AM

I got these questions always running through my head.
So many things that I would like to understand.
If we are born to die and we all die to live
then whats the point of living life if it just contradicts?

I felt the darkness as it tried to pull me down.
The kind of dark that haunts a hundred year old house...
I wrestled with my thoughts, I shook the hand of doubt
running from my past I'm praying feet don't fail me now.
What I wore: Glasses- CC; Earrings- Forever 21 (got the white one, too!); Leggings- a random mall; Stockings- SM; Top- Justice and Morphine; Satchel- Remoir; Lolita platform- vintage; Rings- downtown.
Finally, I posted something with my new hair! *big grin* I got it shaved last week but was too tired to take new pictures. I was inspired by Falling in Reverse's song, The Drug in Me is You. Have you guys heard of that band? The vocalist was originally the front man of Escape the Fate, Ronnie Radke, which is one of my favorite band when I was in high school. Now I cant stop listening to his new band's music. His lyrics are very clever and funny. If you listen very carefully, you'll know what I mean. Clue: He dissed the new vocalist of Escape the Fate, Craig Mabitt.. Well not very new though, he was with the band back in 2008. 

Anyway, I was aiming for a dark, gothic look for a change. I think it fits better with my hair, and I secretly love it (sshh). Accessories were kept to a minimum so that the focus of attention will be on my hair. Plus I bought these vintage platforms for a really cheap price! Lucky me! About my previous melancholic post, I decided not to sweat the small (& not so small) stuff today. It's simply beyond my control. What's meant to be will be, right? Thanks to everyone who cheered me up! You guys are the best! :*

Comment, follow and feed my fishes below! Byeee! <3

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