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7:00 AM

Hey guys! Long time no see! Hee. I've been busy lately, but not the real kind of busy. I was just preoccupied with excessive eating, sleeping and guess what? Hanging out with friends! Finally, a social life. This is to all critics who keeps saying bloggers don't have a life outside the internet. Well, we do. Last Wednesday, I was staring at this cute tribal print blanket/malong, and I thought it would make a really pretty maxi skirt. Later that night, I magically made it into my dream skirt. I was supposed to put up a garter, but due to some technical errors (which is entirely my fault, and not the guide book), I decided to use zipper. The outcome was a little disappointing, because the zipper was all hump-y on the sides. But it's still very wearable! So I wore it the day after. Had a date with my boyfriend at District 50! The food was delicious and the ambiance was really cool. More pictures below.
And the out come! I opted for a loose gray tank top to complete my "boho" look. I'm sick of seeing girls wearing corsets and bustiers with maxi skirts... It's so predictable. Got some extra cloth, so I made a matching turban. 
I felt so 'Vanessa Hudgens' that day. Lol.
What I wore: DIY maxi skirt and turban; Gladiators- Boardwalk; Aviators-Rayban; Necklace-downtown; DIY bag
Took outfit posts before heading out...
Meet Herbie! She's the Volkswagen inside the restaurant. The reason a lot of people go there. Also, the servings are great. Try the floats and the lava cake. <3

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