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My beloved country, Philippines, was struck with the super typhoon Haiyan a week ago. It was so devastating specially since I was part of the region that had the most damage. Me and my fellow countrymen has been mourning for the death and destruction that the storm has brought us. I, for one, had an emotional week because we couldn't contact our relatives from Leyte. It was a relief to finally hear from them that they're okay 4 days after the tragedy. ***Thousands of people died; thousands of houses & buildings destroyed; thousands of families that will never be whole again. My heart goes out to all of them. Cried for days after seeing the news!  Now the survivors of the storm are left homeless and hungry. But in the midst of this catastrophe, I am in tears again. People from different continents, people we do not know- they did not abandon us. I am in awe with all the help we are getting from different countries all over the world! Cash, aids, soldiers, goods, air crafts and ships~ we will forever be grateful to all of you. Thank you for giving us hope. <3
 Yesterday, I went to Naval Training Center Visayas Pier 3 to repack relief goods for the third time this week. Survivors from the Northern part of my place badly needs water, food, clothing and shelter. It suddenly became a routine for me to volunteer whenever I have the spare time. I wanted to do more, but with my school shenanigans I am also in a tight schedule. Just a month ago, my city was also struck with a strong earthquake, hence the suspension of classes for a week. Long vacations are every student's favorite but this also means catching up with a lot of projects and taking make-up classes. I know, right? Two calamities all in one month is SOMETHING. I can finally see the strength of the Filipinos.

Probably the only good thing that came out from the tragedy is that we became united. All of a sudden, we have one vision, one mission and one goal. It is to stand up once more from all these. Our government has been mocked by other countries due to its slowness and I will not disagree. Philippines has been facing so much issues and I cant help but pity our country.  I think it is time that the people will do something about it. I am so, so proud of my fellow Filipinos for the never ending support we give to our neighbors. Having a shitty government will not stop us from moving and working. United as one!
 Repacking ready outfit! (That thing on my back was so pretty I had to have my photo taken, sorry lol)
What I Wore: Forever XXI stripe top; SM Dept Store liquid jeggigns; Converse Chuck Taylor shoes; Sunnies by Charlie glasses
All photos by Hanz Libato.

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  1. Very casual chci. Love it.




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