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Haaa, bidding my Zara-inspired origami skort goodbye. It's been a good season for this thing, I think this skort should retire for now. Ah, but it still look so good. And comfy. Read the little things that I love below! :)
MUSIC / Books / Movies / Paintings / Sewing / Prayers / FOOD / Clothes / Companionship

Just a few of my favorite things in the world. I couldn't imagine life without music. I've come to love various genres because of my different experiences in life. I believe the songs I listen to also depends on my mood, so basically, I listen to any kind of music. I know, right? Such a lame taste but that's the truth. Books- my escape to reality. I especially love suspense thriller, the kind that has a mystery and a rape-murder case. One of my odd fetish. I'm also hooked with fictional stories or series! Vampires, witches, sorcerers, mythologies and everything unreal in the human eyes. I believe that some part of the books are true and that enchanted creatures are just living among us. Like normal people. Isn't that exciting?! My imaginations are so weird that I have to feed them with equally weird books.. Or else I'll fall asleep reading. Movies, my anti-drug. It's basically part of my life. I consider myself a film buff. I watch as much movies as I can. They inspire me and motivate me in life especially when I'm down. My favorite kind are macabre and horror. I live for them! I think I've seen too many scary movies that sometimes when I watch new horror films, it bores me. I'm always looking out for more gruesome scenes. Again, that's another fetish side of me. I also hate it when in the middle of a watching a movie, I can guess the ending. It's a bad movie if I guess the ending right. It MUST surprise me. Painting, drawing, sketching~ I don't remember a time when I didn't do it. I grew up loving it. Now I'm trying to enhance this hobby. Someday soon I'll work doing what I love. My parents taught me how to pray. Pray even when I don't have to thank or ask anything. I started memorizing Bible verses and singing praise songs at a young age. Before, I don't understand why I had to pray the rosary everyday when all my other friends didn't. Now I'm just thankful that I was raised this way. I believe my relationship with my God is a blessing. <3 Food and clothes, my daily essentials. It's something I always look forward to. I'm a picky eater, I stray away from the unknown. I love fatty and oily food but now I'm TRYING to develop an affair with leafy, healthy salads. Unlike with my food, I'm very open to fashion. I'm never scared to try and experiment trends. It's my favorite way of expressing my self. A lot of people may not like the way I dress up but it doesn't matter. I dress up for myself anyway. I do not dwell on negativity. Radiate love. <3
Companionship. I hate that I need it. If only I could survive without having to talk to anyone. Haha, I sound so emo. There was a time in my life when I hated everyone. I pretty much wanted to isolate myself from my little world cause everything was just too complicated and so much bullshit was going on. I knew I didn't have real friends. I knew people backbiting people. I knew friends social climbing hardcore and forgetting where they came from. I knew too much, and I loathe it. For once I just wanted something real. But the secret was to survive it. Don't get drowned by the negative vibes, find something to hold on to and just smile. I learned that the secret to having a good life is to share it with a couple of close bunch. Now I don't care much how much friends I have left or if they're real or not. If you piece'a'shiz can make me laugh, then we're all good. I'll find someone worth the long run and soon me and that companion can share a tea when we grow older. For now, I'll enjoy the companionship I'm in, whether with friends or lover, whether it's legit or not. :)
What I wore: Top by Creative Caprice (my shop!); online shop skort; Chuck Taylor sneakers; my sister's chain bag; my sister's RayBan aviators; gold watch from Singapore; ID necklace from Manila
Cant get any old-school'er than a pair of Chucks.

This shirt is still available in my shop! Also available in black! Only 300php :)
Thanks to my sister for taking my pictures! :)

Will announce something next week! Stay tuned :))))

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