Barbie Blonde Dreams

1:55 AM

 Separate post on what I wore 2 weeks ago! Last day of Philippine Fashion Week so I went all out and wore a wig. I've always dreamed to be Barbie blonde but since we have very few resources in my city, it always end up looking like gold rust! What a failure. So why not save myself from all the hassle and wear a wig? After all, its fashion week. Nobody can judge you. Haha.
What I Wore: Top from my ever supported aunties in Canda; black tube as skirt; shoes from a store in Manila; Forever 21 hat; Black envelope bag from SM Men's Fashion show the other day hehe!

See my entire Philippine Fashion Week experience on my previous post!
Here's the link! Click me :)

Thank you for visiting! Will post more often now. Its almost my 2nd blogversarry haha.
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