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Hey guys! Here are some photos my sister took a month ago! Will just dump it here and again, less words. Hope you guys are doing fine! Christmas is almost here! Yay!xx
Photo taken in SRP area. The wall was so cute, we had to stop by and take a picture lol.

I love wearing a baseball jersey with a one strap heels. It's so sporty and feminine all at once!
I can basically live in my brothers' wardrobe! Haha I always find myself fishing out in their closet whenever I feel like dressing down. Another reason why I love having lots of brothers (hint: I got 5 bros lol)!
What I wore: My brother's jersey and hat; gifted heels; my sister's bag; Creative Caprice chunky necklace; Mudd shorts

Goodness I got huge thighs! Must workout soon... Maybe after Christmas! :)

Hope you guys have a great time! 
Happy Holidays in advance!!!!
Its almost my 2nd year of blogging. Whaaaaaaaat. 


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  1. great look :)

  2. Pics are so cool.. Loved your baseball jersey... Ur sister is a really good photographer
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  3. lovely post.

    I have an ongoing blog giveaway. I hope you can drop by my blog and join.


  4. So chic <3



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