New York Dreams

7:38 AM

I dream of beach and bacon.
Here's a really lazy post of my Saturday get-up 2 weeks ago. Yes, expect my posts to be super delayed haha. These are just photos from my iPhone. I originally planned to take #ootd pictures for my Instagram but then I decided to just take gazillion shots and post it on my blog. Because why not?! Haha. I bet everyone knows I post crappy pictures. So, here it is. Me wearing all black again. Ughh, I seriously wish I was a teenager in the late 80's and early 90's. Just a random thought. Can I just leave you with my vain photos!? I'm not feeling inspired today. I'll write a longer post next time! x
What I wore: Top made by me; beanie and skirt from an online shop; Chuck Taylor sneakers; Forever 21 plaid polo
Bliss and blessed. <3
Hi, I'm a weirdo.
This off-shoulder cropped top was hand made by me! Yes, I do manual hand stitching ALL the time, especially now that I do not have my own machine yet. My goal next year is to get my very own heavy duty sewing machine! One step at a time! Push push more! xx
I don't really dream of working/settling in New York, I got my heart set in Australia already haha. I just had to post a title and since my beanie says NY so why not. Ohdbaaa.

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