My Lazy Blog Turns 2!

11:25 PM

Happy birthday, Creative Caprice! <3

And just like that, my blog turned 2! Wow, I cant believe I lasted this long. I'm just so thankful for my readers even if I've been slacking off a lot this year. I admit that I don't get to blog as much unlike the past year and its only because I've been dedicating my time working and studying. I'm really close to achieving my dreams now so I know you guys understand. :') So much has happened this year and I can not thank you enough for all the support I'm getting. I just ended my year getting an interview from Sun Star which released last December 24 and from TV 5 which will be aired January 1, 2014! A great great way to start the year indeed! 
I have A LOT of drafts on my blog I wish I could squeeze it all in before the year ends.
What I Wore: B&W top from WAGW (from years back lol); DIY Jumper dress; So Fab! Creepers; Forever 21 hat
A big THANK YOU to my forever supportive friend, Dawn Dela Torre, for taking my pictures.

New year's almost here!!! Still cant believe 2013 is almost over!
Anyway, I'm selling Lifedance tickets for a lesser price!!!
Contact me for reservation, guys!!!
09223817531 / 09159676750

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  1. I love your style :) So modern and classy :)



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