Power Suit

9:06 PM

I clean up pretty good but even with power suits / blazer i still spice it up with  my own edgy, personal style by adding fishnet stockings, belt bag and....... a hat. I'm never without a hat lol.
Those rare moments when i dress up like an actual girl boss. When i dont have a scheduled meeting at my shop i usually (and most of the time) dress down. I'd be on my comfiest pajamas and a loose shirt + slippers. But when i get an important call from clients, i have to dress the part. I need to present myself nicely because they need to be reassured that i know and live for "style". Clients need to trust their designers. They have to be confident that my designs will make them look fashionable too. That's a few lessons I've learned over the years. First impressions are very important.
What i wore: Designs by Eva M blazer and skirt; Forever 21 hat; Zara booties; Ayala Department store stockings, DIY beltbag
When you seriously cant anymore but then you realize you dont have a staff of employees and you gotta do all the work to yourself. Running a legit business requires a lot of work and patience (but soooo worth it, i guess). My work days dont end on Friday or at 4:30, they end when the work is done. Juggling time and creativity is not an easy job, i shit you not.
There's literally nothing a cup of coffee cant fix. 
This has been on my draft post far too long! 
Sorry for the delay, Halloween weekend is coming so my hands are pretty full.
Will update more soon! Thanks for dropping by!!!!

(c) Maureen Taganile

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  1. Amazing look! Your tights and booties are so cool!


  2. I was waiting for this outfit 2 be posted thanks!

  3. i'm in love with the one set doe <3

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.co.id/



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