Navy Baby

3:55 AM

The summer heat is getting out of hand but I live for those rainy summer days. Its been raining every other day so I'm kinda happy I can still wear my jackets. ^_^ Lounging in my navy blue Kappa and Adidas gear last Sunday. I'll keep this short so enjoy the mediocre photos! Hehe. 
My studded belt bag I made back in 2014.
What I wore: Adidas re-worked top; Adidas Superstar shoes; Kappa pants; Kappa jacket
This 80s Kappa jacket is everything!!! From the colorway to the silhouette, I'm always drawn into rare vintage jackets- especially if its bigger than me lol

Sporty and chill forever.
Spot the collar details.
Hope you had a great week!
Til the next entry (hopefully a lengthy one hahaha)

-Eva M.

(c) Jabez A.

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  1. Good pictures, have a good day

  2. Lahi raning Green Champ oy �� hahahaha



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