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“Maybe it’s a class thing but it’s like a tracksuit has become one of the riskiest things you can wear these days,” Aspden mused. “Wearing a full tracksuit at my age, I can end up looking like I’ve walked out of a gym or I’m trying to dress like a teenager."

I can still pass as a teenager if you meet me in real life but I'm actually in my mid-20s. My peers and batch mates are werking it with their sexy corporate attires and their girly ruffles and flouncey dresses. Here I am, 25yrs old and dressed up like a 90's Missy Elliot. Not complaining tho ;)
Warning: Tons of pictures ahead. A bunch of photos we took but I couldn't choose which ones to delete so I dumped them all here. Hehehe
Nothing screams dress down (but NOT really) than a pair of matching tracksuits. As much as I love dressing up, I also have those lazy days wherein I just wanna grab something from my closet and go. With tracksuits, I dont need to think of what to pair them with. They are my perfect lazy dressing go-to pieces. Here are some of my favorite looks wearing matching tracksuits, click away!
... Some of my collections didn't make it to my blog YET. Soon, maybe.
Red is slowly taking over my wardrobe and its a good sign. My mom used to complain about my ALL BLACK closet aka Funeral clothing. She must be so happy to see me in a birthday suit now but all my black clothes are not going anywhere for sure! Haaa.
~D E T A I L S~
"...the tracksuit is a sartorial mainstay—from adidas to Juicy Couture; from Run DMC to Tony Soprano." (you know them all, right?!!)
What I wore: Adidas track jacket and trackpants; Adidas Superstar 80s shoes; Choker made by me
Rare sight of me not wearing any eyeliner because lazy dressing also means less makeup hahaha
"Over in Indiana. Wearing their red bandanas
The Indians eat bananas, Thinking they're full of Vitamin C..."
Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoyed the photos.
Leave comments below and I'll get back to you! :)

P.S: The title of this post is from RUN DMC's song, My Adidas.
Yes, I listen to old school hip-hop.
You should too. Listen here.

Photographed by: Roselyn Sagrado
Edited by : Ken Cuizon

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