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Nude colors are so easy on the eyes that sometimes just adding one pop of color does it. As much as I love matching the colors of my top and bottom (occasionally), I also cant help mixing a contrasting color to complete my look. Wearing an old favorite, culotte pants never fail to make me feel comfortable all day. I don't care if these pants are 'so last season', I'll wear them when needed. Its a staple I'll never throw out. This entire look is all about comfort so a sneaker fits the category, no doubt.
You're probably wondering how I can getaway with jackets and layering on a scorching hot summer season... Well the answer is, my shop/office is cold. I wear jacket everyday when I work but sometimes I just wear if for the photo. Calm yo sweaty balls. I kid. (can u spot my upper lip sweat?)
What I wore: Fake Friends shirt; Champion jacket; pants by me; Vans Old Skool shoes
Another vintage jacket straight from the 90s. I bought them last year and I'm totally inlove with the colors!!! This is another rare piece of vintage Champion brand. The intricate details (more branding inside), the material and the quality is very impressive. 
DETAILS ~ Fake Friends newest statement shirt x Champion jacket
Slowly posting all my backlogs so I can start making new ones!
Anyway, my brothers have been helping me take photos for my blog! Yey.
Hope you guys had a good day!


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