Not Leather Weather

12:11 AM

I ditched the comforts of my sneakers and cotton trousers to give way to my inner Joan Jett persona. I used to own a huge vintage leather jacket/boots/pants collection, all in different colors and in perfect condition. How i transitioned into wearing more comfy and light clothes, i can no longer remember. I guess when i sold them online i never got to restock that side of my wardrobe. Here I am now, re-visiting an old friend and I think I still got it. Maybe. 
As a kid, i used to believe that in one of my past lives, I was a female rockstar. The era where it was still shocking for girls to wear all black and be bold. I still strongly believe so. I'm a very, very old and experienced soul. 
Choker from my shop: @shop.diybyeva for only 120.00 <3
The cold beverage helps, i shit you not. :p
What i wore: Fake Friends top; vintage leather pants; Zara boots; Forever 21 hat; choker by me
With the pretty intense summer weather, its ridiculous to even go out wearing pants, how much more all black, leather clothes? I guess I have no valid reason for wearing such other than 'because i can.'
That's it!!! I'm almost done posting my draft posts until I can finally put up real time photos haha.
Til next time guys! Drop a comment down below. xx

(c) Andre Yap

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