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Anna Dello Russo was spotted wearing the ’12 S/S Balenciaga Visor Hat in Paris Fashion Week. This head turner piece costs $3,250. However, the Balenciaga’s spring-summer visor hat has appeared before in two different occasions. The first in the Cristobal Balenciaga’s spring-summer 1961 haute couture collection and the other in 2008! 
1961 Haute Couture
2008 collection.
2012 rendition for the visor.
Fashion revolves around revitalization; for years designers have been resurrecting the dead and this year is no different. One of the 80's favorites - sun visors - has been brought back to life thanks to: Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, and several other designers. Balenciaga came over the top when they released the said hat once again for this season's spring collection. I'm inlove with weird finds and recreating them. I could go for statement hats or shoes any day. So to all those critics who hated this, I beg to differ. If I was rich enough to purchase the "most ridiculous accessory" of spring 2012, then call me ridiculous for all I care. No, I do not normally join the bandwagon just because.. All I'm saying is that the hat is a genius masterpiece. 

I think Darth Vader agrees...

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