Prom Dilemma: The Perfect Dress

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Random Fact: I never got the chance to attend prom my entire life! Aside from the fact that the Catholic school I came from did not held JS (Junior-Senior Prom), I was also banned from attending our Graduation Ball due to my conduct. It was actually more upsetting than knowing I wouldn't be able to graduate with my batch mates that time. Last year, my mom forced me to attend this Anniversary Ball from our community. She did all the fun stuff like picking my gown and etc, so that doesn't count at all! Luckily, this year I will be able to attend my first ever prom/ball with my bf and friends! I feel like a highschool  girl all over again! I've been searching for a perfect gown for weeks and I was able to find the right one with the help of my bf and friends. I cant believe it could be so hassle and tiring in trying to find the perfect fit for me since I am very petite. In this post, I will try to discuss common prom problems and we'll figure out together how to deal with it. Mind you, I am as excited and nervous as you are right now! Let's start with the first and basic problem:
The perfect prom dress. Try to avoid picking gowns that would make you look bloated or big, but if you already are, always pick the dark colors to make you look somewhat smaller. (Click here to find out which gown fits your body type) Avoid complicated gowns that would cause you major wardrobe malfunction! Of course, you already know that but I'm just here to remind you again. Ladies, if you rent your gown, make sure to get it adjusted to your size. Every inch of it. If you got it tailored, try it on days before the ball so that if there are mistakes and a need for alternation, there is still time.
Studded and glittered tight bustier as your top and a big tutu-like or petticoat to complete the gown! This is to the girls who wants to show off their bust but still wants a touch of innocence like a ballerina. If I wasn't desperate to feel the prom essence and stick with cocktail dresses, I'd go for this one! I can imagine all the popular girls donning this look and feel laid back but still looking fabulous as ever! With the right accessories and clutch bag, you can rock this dress without even getting your hair done! Here's an accessory option if you want to look like a 'fashion blogger' or a model straight from the runaway!
I saw this look from a model doing a catwalk but I do not know the exact details. It was then decided that this look could be worn outside the runaway when Camille Co posted this look on Lookbook last December 2011. I think it reminds me of the movie 'Black Swan' but only this time, she's the White Swan. I like how she justified the look with very minimal accessory and a contrasting color for her shoes. I also did my very own version of this one but I will post it in a separate article soon :)

If you're in for a long gown this prom, try on some mermaid gowns! These kind of dresses notoriously invite a lot of attention! The mermaid silhouette contours to the body from the chest to the knee, then flares out to the hem. This is a very sexy look that highlights the curves of a woman’s body. For this reason, you must be confident and comfortable in your skin to pull off this dramatic style. The mermaid style can support just about all necklines and sleeve lengths to reveal or cover as much skin as you desire. Since this dress is captivating by design, a high neck and long sleeves will still create an alluring look without being too sexy. If you want to show off your skin, you can opt for a strapless neckline, or a halter with a plunging v-neck to accentuate your seductive side.

How high can you go? Part of the skirt has a new level of extreme and dangerously sexy. Angelina Jolie's dramatic dark velvet gown is the "dress of the week" as well as "best dresses of 84th Annual Academy Awards 2012." Rihanna in her deep V-neck, backless, with high slit black gown was so sexy. While Porcelain Black’s dress purposely showed off her undergarment. Musician geek, Cyndi Lauper, wore a tuxedo with messy hair-do, she looked edgy. Anne V, Victoria’s Secret model, chose LBD with an extremely high slit up to the waist. Lastly, with her hair shaved, Amber Rose looked confident in her yellow one-shoulder gown.  You think your legs is your biggest asset? Go for a long slit-dress.

If the usual red carpet event filled with more revealing gowns, this year we saw many celebrities chose gowns with long sleeves. Melissa George chose a black leather gown, Katy Perry looked fabulous with blue hair and stunning in a pale blue gown, Fearne Cotton looked very elegant in a coral dress with black ribbon, Carrie Underwood wore sparkling sequins gown with open back detail, and Adele, who took home four Grammy, wore LBD with sparkle details and dazzling red lipstick. Simple, classic, and gorgeous! If you're not into showing so much skin, this style is just right for you :)
 LAST MINUTE SHOPPING: If it's too late to get your prom dress done by the tailor, here are some super quick finds with the right shoes and accessories! Visit her Tumblr:

-Floaty pink gown
-Gold strappy heels
-Pink drop earrings
-Gold/pearl stacked bracelets
-Gold clutch (don’t you love the bow on this one?)

-Flowy orange gown
-Nude heels
-Big flower ring in peach or orange
-Orange-y pink earring studs (studs are good if you hate when your hair gets caught in dangling earrings)
-Gold statement necklace

-Flowy yellow gown
-Crystal blue glittery pumps
-Crystal blue earrings
-Simple heart shaped necklace

-Bright yellow dress with jewels (more jewels means you need less accessories! Save some cash!)
-Gold glitter shoes
-Gold satin-y clutch
-Gold/peachy ring
-Gold bracelet

-A floaty gown in your fave shade of green
-Black detailed shoes
-Crown necklace
-Crown earrings
-Frog rings (yes, kind of went with a princess-and-the-frog theme)
-Pink clutch

-Teal dress
-Teal shoes
-Teal ring
-Silver and rhinestone necklace
-Chunky rhinestone bracelets
-One-shouldered navy gown
-Gold peep toe shoes
-Gold clutch
-Gold cuff
-Gold chain necklace
-Dramatic gold earrings

-Flowy lavender gown
-Dramatic gold chain necklaces
-Fun gold ring (love this one!!)
-Gold sandal-heels
-Lavender purse
-Gold dangling earrings
-Red, draped gown
-Black or rhinestoned (or both!) cuff bracelet
-Black peep toe pumps (love the bow on these!)
-Black wire-y earrings
-Gold wire-y pendany
-Gold ring with red stone or rhinestones (or both!!)
-Elaborate, hot pink gown (i.e. one like this with gathers and jewels)
-Matching hot pink shoes
-Simple necklace to go with the elaborate bodice
-Silver bangles
-Silver rhinestoned ring (don’t you just love this one?!)
-Silver glitter clutch

I'd love to style you for free! <3
Message me before your ball.

PS: If you hate prom/ball and find it obnoxious to prepare for it so badly, fuck off. What the fuck are you doing in here?

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