Every girl should wear a red gown at least once in her lifetime...

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“Never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight, Never seen you shine so bright...
Looking for a little romance, given half the chance, Lady in Red is dancing with me”
- ‘Lady in Red’ By Chris de Burgh (1986) 

Hey everyone! Finally have a longer time to make a post about my very first prom ever! As you all know, I was a bit of a badass in highschool, so I was banned in attending our graduation ball. Last Friday, I got lucky to attend my first ball with my college friends and lover at the age of 19! Not bad, yeah? Anyway... I've really longed to go for a red gown but then my stylist fell inlove with a sexy back cream gown the moment we stepped in Noelle West Bridal Gown Shoppe. I was a bit disappointed because red was already fixed in my mind. Day before the ball, we went to fit on the adjusted gown, only to find out it's too long for me still! We had no other choice but to look for a new gown! And fate was with me when my stylist found a red gown fitted just right for me! Serendipity, indeed! So we opted for the red gown and then the magic begins...

The Make-Up: I got my hair and make-up done at my friend's house by my artist friend. Sadly, the result of getting my make-up done under room dim light made my face look so much whiter on pictures than in real life. But I guess it portrays a geisha-ish look haha. Lesson learned: Always get your make-up done under proper lighting and shit. But it didn't stop me from having loads of fun! 
I'm inlove with my eye-shadow! Bahahaha
Did I tell you this ball was a Black and White themed party? That's right! But I'm not the only one who went there with a bright & very different color. My close friend Ika also geared up with a lovely, chesty blue gown.
So that's it! The food was good & the entertainment committee did a great job! I say it was worth the effort & penny! 
Confidence and the right attitude are the two things you need, to wear a red dress. The dress immediately makes you the centre of attention. For those who are not used to standing out in the crowd, strikingly, need a balance while wearing a red dress.There are some things to keep in mind while daring to wear the very sexy, red dress that you have always wanted to wear.The red dress does not need any accessorizing as such, as it is already very high on the sexy quotient. You need to be very careful while accessorizing the red dress.Your hair and makeup are as crucial for the look as the red dress itself. A lot of colors clash with red like purple or greens.

Here are some Hollywood stars wearing a red gown for red carpet events! Time variations are from 2010, 2011 and 2012. As you can see, it gives oozing sex appeal and timeless beauty!

Selena is my epitome of simple yet elegant beauty. I've loved her since Wizards of Waverly Place. I researched and gathered pictures of her wearing anything red! May it be in performing on stage or at the red carpet events. This young lady sure has a favorite! 
Selena wearing red at a very young age when she starred in Waverly Place.

She loves wearing it on events, shoots and ALSO in performing on tours and concerts! 
On Justin Bieber's (her bf) 18th birthday last March 1 this year. she wore this silky body fit red dress!
UPDATE: Selena on red backless jumpsuit.

Isn't she a doll? OMG I'd love to meet her someday!!!
What do you guys think? 

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