Prom Dilemma: Right Polish and Accessorizing

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Get the Ultimate Prom Nails

Nail art so pretty, no one will suspect it’s DIY.

Pretty prom nails are the ultimate accessory… and, if you ask me, as necessary as a pair of glam prom shoes. A gal in a gorgeous dress, prom 'do and evening makeup should absolutely have her nails groomed. Otherwise, it looks like she just… forgot.
Funky patterns, designs, multi-colored and crackled manicures are all the rage right now. And, they're quite easy to do yourself! You can make your nails as unique as your personality.
But first, some tips for getting the perfect prom manicure:
  • Instead of using a color that matches your dress exactly, use a lighter or darker shade of your dress.
  • Practice your manicure at least once a few weeks before the prom.
  • If you're manicure-challenged, ask a friend to do your nails for you the day before the prom.
  • Tiny rhinestones look cute, but use them sparingly. They're known to pop off easily.
  • If you're doing your nails the day of prom, plan on doing them in the morning… before you have to touch your dress, your hair or your date! It's the only way to ensure your nails don't get ruined.
DIY Galaxy Nails for Prom. No two galaxy manicures end up alike! Start with a dark blue base coat. That’ll be your background. Then, sponge on a bit of lighter blue and pink, but only on select areas of your nails. Use white polish to create tiny stars by using only the tip of your brush. When it’s dry, sweep across a layer of sparkles.

Newspaper Print Nails. Extra, extra! Transfer newsprint or comics onto your nails in a jiffy using a bit of rubbing alcohol, just like Danni James did. First, paint your nails with a light, earthy polish. Gray, light green, and khaki work well. Then, cut ten strips of newspaper or comic print. Dip your dried nails into a bowl of rubbing alcohol, then dip one strip into the bowl and shake it out. Apply the alcohol-soaked strip to your nail and press down on it with a paper towel for ten seconds. Then, peel off the strip and top it off with some clear polish. Danni switched it up and did a tuxedo design on her ring finger.

Striped Nails. Stripes on every nail may be a bit much. After all, you don’t want to your manicure to clash with your prom dress. Stripes on two nails… classy. I especially love how one nail features vertical stripes while the other one has horizontal. Danni used two different colors to create her stripes, but you could use one… or even three! 

Big Sparkles. One of the easiest ways to add dimension to your manicure is with glitter polish. Pick a shade that complements your dress, apply two coats and let it dry. Sweep on a top glitter coat and you’re good to go. Note: big sparkles are much harder to work with than little sparkles. 

Crackle Manicure. If all you can handle is painting on two coats of nail polish, but still want a textured manicure, get yourself a bottle of crackle nail polish. A few different brands make them- OPI Shatter Nail Polish, Mia Secret Crackle Polish and Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat. I used Black Shatter by OPI for this manicure. I started with a light gray base coat, then used one coat of Black Shatter to create the crackle look. The polish took some getting used to, but after two nails I had it down. 

As for the clutch bags (because you don't wanna carry a big shoulder bag around, would you?), I'd prefer dark classic colors like black or dark brown. Silver and gold clutches are also safe colors. The only time I'd take the risk of using bright colored bags such as fuchsia pink and red is when I'm wearing too 'lifeless' or colorless gown. A stylish purse not only serves to keep all of your essential items with you and together; it can also be a fun addition to your prom outfit. The most popular purse styles for formal events are the clutch and handbag. You will find many different purses in each of these styles that will add that final bit of fashionable flare to your outfit. However, keep these tips in mind while shopping:
  • A clutch is very cute and fashionable, but, because it does not have a handle, one hand is always occupied with it. If you plan on doing a lot of dancing or want to have both hands free, consider checking your purse at the door or choosing a style with a handle. 
  • Your prom purse does not have to exactly match the color of your dress. In fact, if you’d like to draw more attention to your dress and to yourself, look for a purse in a contrasting yet complementary color. For example, a silvery rhinestone purse with a black dress is very chic. 
  • An evening purse is often much more extravagant than an everyday purse. When looking for your prom purse, feel free to choose a purse with plenty of extras (ribbons, feathers, jewels, etc.); this type of purse will be a perfect complement to your prom dress. 
  • Remember to buy a purse large enough to hold your essential items. 
Things to have in your clutch/purse at prom.

  • Things to fix your makeup (like blotting papers, extra eyeliner, lip gloss etc.)
  • Money
  • Cell Phone
  • Your prom ticket
  • Extra bobby pins/hair elastics
  • Tampons (if it happens to be that time of the month)
  • Camera
  • Mints or gum

Prom Jewelry

The jewelry you choose to wear with your prom dress depends entirely upon your own personal taste and the style of your prom dress. If you like flashy jewelry and lots of it, feel free to dress yourself to the nines on prom night. If you generally shy away from too much jewelry, a simple necklace and pair of earrings should be enough to jazz up your look. For the right look with your jewelry, keep the following tips in mind:
  • Overall, rhinestones are the most popular choice for prom night jewelry. They are very elegant and add the perfect dressed-up look to your prom style. If your dress or shoes contain rhinestones, remember to look for rhinestone jewelry in the same size and shape for a perfectly pulled-together look.
  • The length and style of your necklace should depend upon the neckline of your prom dress. If your neckline drops low or plunges, look for a long necklace to decorate bare skin in your neck and chest. If your neckline is high, choose a shorter necklace style (such as a choker) to offer equal play to both the necklace and dress.
  • Remember to decide on your prom hair style before you purchase earrings for your prom dress. If you are wearing your hair up, feel free to wear large, dangly earrings. If you are wearing your hair down, look for hoops, large studs, or other styles that will not get tangled in your hair.
  • If it complements your dress and your personal style, wear a tiara on prom night. You may never get the chance to legitimately wear princess attire again, and you do not want to waste it.
  • To wear something unique (and save money), borrow jewelry from someone special -- your mother, grandmother, big sister or super-stylish cousin.
  • Add earrings and a necklace that matches the lines of your dress. Do not select any pieces that detract from the dress itself. A sequined prom dress should have a matching sparkly necklace and a pair of earrings. Simple traditional dresses should have a diamond or strand of pearls. Faux diamonds are classic and will go with just about any prom dress.

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